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Telephone: +44 (0) 845 838 6338
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Your 'Forensic Friend' Management Consultancy

It’s all in the detail! Let our Forensic Friend forage for that hidden profit.

Every hotel and hospitality business is exposed to the risks of an ever changing business environment, and so often it is difficult to see a clear solution when you are so close to the day to day operation. How often have you asked yourself what do my customers really experience once they enter my establishment?

Our Forensic Review, or Strategic Business Review, is a tool which gets under the skin of your business. It is a forensic assessment of all the key aspects of your business, including an analysis at an operational level.

Initially we would suggest a mystery guest audit to evaluate your business both as the customer sees it and how you stand against both the industry norm and your competition, giving you an opportunity to see where you excel and where there are some weaknesses. This gives you a snapshot of your business and creates a base point on which to build.

Why not let one of our principals bring a fresh pair of eyes to your operation and provide you with a Great Potential health check.

Our Planned Approach Includes

Our Forensic Review will then continue with of a few days on site, assessing the issues and even brainstorming ideas with the team.

This is followed up by an overview and recommendations showing the forensic detail that you would expect from a report of this style. This will ensure that you are delivering the best possible service to your customers.

In short it will give you:

• Increased Rev Par

• Enhanced Levels of Customer Service through operational performance

• A focus on Increased profit and cash flows

• A focus on control procedures through efficient stocktaking, purchasing and cost savings

Other Forensic Management Services

Great Potential Management provides forensic analysis, a focus on increased profit and cash flows, management of your resources and increasing your profits. That’s why we can be your ‘Forensic Friend’ by helping to keep your business sharp, to maintain focus, keep your backers happy whether it be your lender, shareholders or other investors and importantly for you, confidence.

Mystery Shopping

Sometimes the staff team only perform well when they are being observed by the boss!

When things go really wrong the first some owners hear about it is when they read about it on Trip Advisor. A regular, independent, unidentified visit and follow up report can often ensure that this drop in standards does not occur.

GPM provides a report on the quality of service being experienced by your customers with a Great Potential on site mystery shop.

Pre-Opening Services

If you are a property owner or a developer considering how to maximise your return Great Potential Management can offer you feasibility studies to assess the potential profitability of a hotel or catering operation.

Our pre opening support could also include recruitment, sales and marketing, purchasing arrangements, and operational standards.

Energy Cost Reduction

Around 20% of energy bills contain errors which are often not detected. Millions of pounds are left unclaimed each year despite claims that are able to be backdated up to six years.

Let our analysts get to the bottom of your very complex billing elements and identify the most appropriate rates to reduce costs for the years ahead.

Great Potential’s forensic management can identify areas of need where the specialist management advice involves examining the business’ financial structure and banking facilities. If there is a case to examine this area of the business our associates can be of tremendous assistance. They work closely with local firms of accountants and solicitors as well as with banks, asset based lenders and other intermediaries.
We have very strong relationships, built by partners over 20 years, with the National clearing banks and with many National and Regional Asset Based Lenders. The ethos we share is one of support and assistance to businesses and individuals. In every case, we seek to obtain a thorough understanding of the business and the problems facing it and we will formulate, with the existing management, a tailored solution to its problems.

Clive Rowe-Evans

For enquiries regarding our Great Potential Management Division please contact director Clive Rowe-Evans.

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