Telephone: +44 (0) 845 838 6338
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 838 6338
  • We help you to build relationships with your customers, work with your team and enthusiastically promote your business.

What Do We Do?

How we help: Great Potential delivers solutions that are tailored for each client – We’re not into square pegs in round holes but will use a combination of methods to support you and your business.

These are many ways that we help you and your business and as your ‘external eyes’ we can provide objective suggestions and advice working on your behalf.


  • Leadership Advice and Mentoring

    Helping you to realise your ideas and ambitions
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy Planning

    Putting your long-term aims and objectives into context and writing plans that can be implemented in practical and cost-effective ways.
  • Creative Initiatives

    Jargon-free great ideas that help you to 'punch above your weight'.
  • Branding and Positioning

    Reviewing your image, checking your market position and advising about target markets.
  • Market intelligence and Research

    Analysis of the market, consumer trends, your competitors online travel agencies and other third parties and keeping you up to date with trends from around the world.
  • Reputation Management

    Reviewing your reviews and helping you to manage your reputation
  • Lead Generation

    Targeting new and past customers to increase sales.
  • Data Management

    Making your existing customer relationships work harder and introducing new contacts to grow your customer base.
  • Online Media

    Issuing creative newsletters, advice on apps and website content.
  • Video

    Video is the fastest growth and most persuasive medium and we have experience and resources to create great business-generating video content for your business and how to apply it.
  • Social Media

    Supporting your digital 'footprint' by applying meaningful communications
  • Public Relations

    Getting your news and initiatives into print and digital media.
  • Advertising and Print

    Designs for on and off line media, plus advice on advertising placement and negotiating rates.
  • Training and development for your team

    Helping them to help you and the business.