‘World First’ Language APP at World of James Herriot

Our client World of James Herriot has introduced a new APP that provides guests with a fully guided tour of the attraction on their own device in any language. Visitors simply point their smartphone or tablet at a QR code on each exhibit and the APP converts the description into the visitors’ own language either in text or audio. The details are retained on the device so the information can be shared and referred back to long after they have returned home. Installation is provided free of charge by Papillon and a premium version is also available that is charged via the visitor’s device and a revenue share available to the attraction.

GP introduced the service to the World of James Herriot after meeting Papillon Translation’s founder Steve Kent via a mutual colleague. The APP removes the need for bulky equipment within an attraction and the content that is reached via the QR codes can be updated remotely so there is no work for the attraction when the displays change, apart from advising Papillon of the changes to be made.

“We are always looking for innovation that helps our clients and this one seemed a ‘no-brainer’ and especially as there is also a potential revenue share for the attraction.” comments GP director John Gallery

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